DMR Abroad: Lloyd Rosenberg Reflects on Trip to China

Lloyd Rosenberg, AIA, President & CEO, was recently invited to China by a longtime friend and colleague, James Jao, to explore opportunities in China, as well as be a guest speaker at the Qiandongnan Summit, a conference on preserving the traditional Chinese Village. Below are some reflections and photos from the trip.

On November 13, I was honored to be invited by the Beijing Tourism Society as the guest speaker at this year's annual meeting. DMR Architects, Long On Group, and J.A.O. Design did a dynamic presentation at the first Summit for the Preservation of Traditional Villages of the Dong and the Miao people. It was a very well organized conference and produced some important outcomes for the future of China. Can tourism solidify the existence, culture and venues of the Dong and Miao people? These villages might be so poor for the material needs of our times, but they are so rich for their spirit and especially for China's future. It is our challenge to bring development through preserving and keeping the core of the traditional villages. I was proud to be part of this event.
Lloyd A. Rosenberg, AIA President & CEO, DMR Architects


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