David B. Crabiel Hall, Middlesex County College | Academic Building - New Construction

Edison, NJ

The design of Crabiel Hall addressed several key issues within a strict budget and schedule, including creating a new gateway to campus, complementing surrounding exteriors and providing convenient access from the campus’ second main entrance. The 36,000 square foot building contains 13 general purpose classrooms, a 1,500 square foot office, four computer labs, one culinary demonstration lab, two conference rooms, a student lounge, three meeting rooms and administrative spaces. The building achieved LEED Silver Certification from the United States Green Building Council.

Crabiel Hall completes the enclosure of the campus’ Green and provides a visual buffer to two parking lots. The building features a two-story entry pavilion and an illuminated focal point seen throughout campus. The design incorporates an interior, central corridor, which serves as a connecting walkway to campus from the primary parking area for students, faculty and visitors at the rear of the building.

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