Public-Private Partnership

DMR Architects has and continues to be an advocate for employment of the public-private-partnership (PPP) business model to the public sector, as an alternative approach to certain projects. Although not supported by legislation in New Jersey (except for the limited timeframe for the Higher Education sector), DMR Architects advocates the use of other New Jersey statutes to employ the PPP business model.

The PPP business model has proven to be a project delivery methodology which decreases project cost, expedites the project completion timeframe, increases project quality and provides certainty to the public sector client via a guaranteed maximum pricing structure. Financing is generally done by the private sector at competitive tax exempt financing rates and is done off balance sheet, so as to not affect the public sector’s bonding capacity.

DMR Architects’ diverse and uniquely skilled staff with expertise in the fields of real estate development, project finance, architecture, construction, and real estate and land use law makes DMR Architects a leader in this emerging sector. DMR’s experience includes PPP feasibility studies and the completion of the design of a $100 million plus City Hall Annex for the City of Jersey City, which included 125,000 square feet of City offices and retail, and a 1,200 parking garage, with the latter two project components producing revenue in order to expedite the payback of the project’s debt service.

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