City of Hackensack – Public Park at Main and Banta

DMR is in the process of completing an investigation study for properties on Banta Place that would include a redevelopment plan to construct a significant public open space on Main Street. The plan includes converting Banta Place into a pedestrian street to be closed on weeknights and weekends for festivals and community events. The redevelopment of this area will represent the heart of the downtown connecting the City offices with the largest redevelopment project on Main Street.

The proposed plan which is identified in the Reexamination Study includes 20,000 SF of retail fronting the minimum 1 acre park with 225 residential units. The park is located along the existing rail line which is in consideration for future commuter service and will include a retail space that can become a future rail station.

This project is part of ongoing redevelopment planning efforts in the City of Hackensack.