Blue Foundry Bank Branch

Following Blue Foundry Bank’s rebranding, DMR worked with banking institution to design the first physical branch location to the reflect their new image. The branch at 19 Park Ave. in Rutherford reflects the bank’s reinvention as the banking option of today’s movers and shakers and their commitment to a crafted banking experience.

The design reflects the bank’s brand through an open floor plan and a more connected approach to banking, replacing physical divisions such as counters and desks with Universal Bankers, supporting an environment conducive to helping customers plan for their financial success. The branch also includes space for community collaborations.

The aesthetic in the 1,600 square foot branch incorporates elements of the bank’s  industrial history with exposed brick, steel, distressed wood, and concrete wall panels. The location features curated pieces of art, an art deco moss wall, three-dimensional logos, and modern new ATM designs.