Fairleigh Dickinson University – Zen Building

DMR designed the 37,500 SF Stadler, Zenner Academic Building (Zen Building).

As the Madison campus of Fairleigh Dickinson campus is located on the former Twombly-Vanderbilt estate, the existing architecture and landscaping, planned by renowned designers of the 1890s, is extensively of the Georgian style. With such a rich history, the blending of new construction on the site to the existing style was an important priority of the University.

DMR incorporated many fine details to ensure this achieved. While demolition of an existing structure was necessary for construction of the new facility, four columns were salvaged and incorporated into the design to add historic presence to the building. Those four columns support the outdoor trellis and patio.

Attention to detail was just as important inside the building. DMR’s plans strategically placed labs and informal areas in locations that encourage interaction and dining areas overlooking campus landscaping. The facility also includes 20 classrooms, 29 faculty offices and an animal laboratory.