Hackensack Master Plan Reexamination

As part of DMR’s ongoing and comprehensive planning efforts in the City of Hackensack, DMR completed the 2020 Master Plan Reexamination update which included the following scope of services:

Reexamination Study:

  • GIS Mapping;
  • Demographic Analysis;
  • Land use recommendations;
  • Parking and Open Space
  • Traffic and Circulation
  • Innovative technology zone;
  • EDA Grant application and award;
  • Transit station redevelopment;
  • Downtown revitalization;
  • Job Growth / Financial incentives;
  • Public private partnerships;

Coordination of work included:

  • Key Stakeholder meetings;
  • Planning Board presentations;
  • Coordination with BA and department heads;
  • Coordination with City consultants
  • EDA coordination;

Key components of the project included the use of GIS mapping, coordination of traffic, transportation and parking consultants.