New Admissions Department at St. Peter's University Hospital Opens

On January 14, Saint Peter's University Hospital hosted a blessing ceremony at its new admissions department, a 5,500-square-foot space, designed by DMR Architects.

DMR's design revamped space at the main entrance of the hospital to accommodate admissions, pre-admission testing and phlebotomy as well as an adjacent space for the financial counselor's office, making it more accessible to inpatients, who previously had to navigate through the general hospital for this service.

"DMR's plans allow us to provide multiple services in one place so that patients can spend less time in the hospital and our staff can increase their efficiency in providing care,"Robert Mulcahy, vice president, facilities and environment of care, Saint Peter's University Hospital, said. "The design also factored in the importance of making the space more aesthetically pleasing so that visits are less stressful."

"Health care is a highly competitive industry making productivity, patient care and the patients' overall experience in a space that much more important," Lloyd Rosenberg, AIA, president and CEO, DMR Architects, said. "A modern, efficient space will add to the ability of Saint Peter's doctors and nurses to provide the best care, which their patients deserve."

The new admissions department will begin welcoming visitors on January 18. 

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