Sustainable Services

DMR Architects has been at the forefront of incorporating sustainable architectural design into each project the firm undertakes across our multi-sector client base. Core sustainable principals are a natural element of our designs, with DMR discussing individual sustainability issues with each of our clients. A client may wish to limit their project’s sustainable design to basic principles, while others request that DMR follow well-established and more in-depth sustainable principals. Lastly, other clients choose to seek LEED certification.

DMR has successfully completed many sustainable architecture projects and provides various sustainable services, including project assessment, defining LEED goals, specification, LEED consulting and certification paperwork, energy modeling, day light modeling, commissioning, life-cycle cost assessment, LEED tracking, LEED certification, waste management, building flushout and IAQ management.

Our staff currently includes several LEED accredited professionals and our portfolio includes four LEED certified buildings, three of which achieved a Silver rating from the United States Green Building Council. DMR is currently designing new construction projects which will seek LEED Gold Certification.

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