Voters Approve Carteret Referendum Projects

Voters Approve Carteret Referendum Projects 789 444 DMR Architects

Voters in Carteret approved a $37 million referendum which will fund renovations to each of the district’s facilities, and also construct a new, state-of-the-art Junior High School.

In preparation of the referendum, DMR was contracted to update the long-range facility plan and provide schematic design services for renovations to each school and the proposed, new Junior High School. Renovations at each of the district’s five existing schools include upgrades to the high school auditorium and bathroom and HVAC and stair tower upgrades across multiple schools.

The proposed Junior High School would educate approximately 600 seventh and eighth grade students. Completion of the project will allow for a reassignment and realignment, resulting in the three existing elementary schools serving pre-K-4; the existing middle school serving grades 5 and 6; the new junior high school serving grades 7 and 8; and the existing high school serving grades 9-12. In addition to addressing overcrowding, the construction of the new school will open up space to provide full day kindergarten and additional pre-K programs. The 60,000 SF school will be arranged in a departmentalized environment, with 24 classrooms, enhanced art and music education spaces, a think tank and STEM lab.