Elizabeth Public Schools – Implementation of Teach To One: Math Program

The Elizabeth Public Schools educates more than 23,000 students in 33 different schools. In support of a district-wide embrace of technological innovation and advancement, the district engaged DMR to redesign appropriate classrooms in five schools to allow for the implementation of the Teach to One: Math program. At the time, the Teach to One: Math program was implemented in less than 30 schools across the country.

Teach to One: Math is a progressive, personalized education program customized to meet the needs and learning styles of individual students. The Teach to One program uses technology to develop an individualized lesson plan for every student, every day. Students are separated into different groups and work stations, some managed by teachers and others outfitted with computers, in order to provide the most personalized environment to meet each student’s academic need.

The program requires an open space of approximately 3,000 square feet plus a teachers prep area and storage. DMR reviewed nine schools and identified the prime locations to renovate within the schools that best fit the needs of the Teach to One: Math program. DMR then proceeded with the construction documents to implement the needed changes, which included creative design elements to visually separate the different learning areas from each other.