Special Children’s Center

The Special Children’s Center began in 1996 in a basement apartment where three high school students volunteered to care for seven special needs students twice a week. Over the next several years, as the program expanded, the Special Children’s Center moved numerous times into larger facilities.

Eventually, the program grew to more than 300 volunteers serving more than 200 families. In 2008, DMR provided pro-bono design services for a new, state-of-the-art facility that properly supported the programmatic needs of the Special Children’s Center, provided a serene environment for the students, and operated efficiently. The building accommodates special-needs children in school, after-school, full weekend, Sunday and legal holiday programs, in addition to a summer day camp.

Programmed spaces include offices, play/learn areas, two kitchens, a therapy room, an exercise room, and a baby room, among other necessary spaces.