Atlantic Street Park

Since 2010, DMR has worked with the City of Hackensack and its professionals to implement the Rehabilitation Plan for the Main Street Area. A major catalyst project for the revitalization of the City included the completion of Atlantic Street Park, a former under-utilized surface parking area in the heart of the downtown.

The park transformed the former parking lot to into a public space that provides performance areas for spring and summer concerts, shaded outdoor space for lunch hour, an intimate garden and outdoor chess tables. The design includes an outdoor performance stage, with ample seating on benches, seatwalls and lawn areas. A significant architectural feature is wooden trellises that create an outdoor room, while also providing shade during the spring and summer months.

Adjacent to the site is the Hackensack Cultural and Performing Arts Center, also designed by DMR, which transformed a former Masonic temple into a thriving cultural and performing arts center.