Hackensack Cultural and Performing Arts Center

In supporting the revitalization efforts of the City of Hackensack, and the arts and culture mission of Atlantic Street Park, DMR worked with the City of Hackensack to renovate a former Masonic Temple into what is now the Hackensack Cultural and Performing Arts Center.

During the multi-phased project, DMR first completed ADA renovations to the first floor of the building, so it could open as the Cultural Arts Center. The next phase of the project transformed the second floor of the facility into the Performing Arts Center. The last phase again renovated the first floor to provide updated gallery space for local artists and exhibits.

The project maintained the look and feel of the 140-year-old building, while bringing it up to modern safety and accessibility standards, a process that required reinforcing its below-ground footings and foundation to accommodate the shift from its original use as a meeting hall on its first floor, to its new use as a 224-seat theater space and stage on its second floor.

In addition to the performance area, support spaces such as a green room, dressing rooms, light and sound systems, a control room and a lobby areas with ticket booth and coat room, were also included.